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Nor-Cal Meat Marinade

Nor-Cal Meat Marinade

$ 10.00

Taste the local flavor of our Northern California marinade. We take pride in sourcing high quality products, so that you may enjoy this special hand crafted marinade. This is a great marinade for all wild game animals and game birds, as well as, beef, lamb, pork, chicken and turkey.

Made to enhance the flavor and texture of your meat, naturally!


Marinate your meat by covering the entire meat surface before cooking. Marinating time depends on individual preference. For best results, bring meat to room temperature before cooking. Basting your meat with fresh marinade, while cooking, will also enhance the flavor.  Enjoy!


100% Renfree Farms extra virgin olive oil, tomato juice, water, wheat, soybeans, salt, lemon juice, distilled white vinegar, anchovies, garlic, molasses, onions, salt, sugar, chili, pepper, cloves, natural flavorings, and tamarind extract. Contains anchovies, soybeans, and wheat.

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