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Basil Co-Milled Olive Oil

Basil Co-Milled Olive Oil

$ 6.00

Fresh basil packs big-league herb flavor into estate grown olives. Renfree Farms’ Basil Olive Oil is carefully made by milling fresh, sweet, basil with our estate grown olives to create a flavorful and fresh basil olive oil. 

PAIRING SUGGESTIONS: Drizzle over a fresh garden salad or stir fried vegetables. Use along with your favorite rub on steak, tri-tip, roasts, and baked chicken.

INGREDIENTS: 100% natural, unrefined, cold-pressed, unfiltered California extra virgin olive oil and fresh, sweet basil oil captured through the milling process. Gluten-free.


Renfree Farms is a sustainable family farm located near the beautiful Sutter Buttes in the Northern Sacramento Valley of California.


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